Please Support N[ART]: narcolepsy art!

The ninja and I wanted to share about an awesome narcolepsy related cause called N[ART]. It “is a grassroots effort to create, share, + inspire continuous and evolving creative works + projects that express the realm between sleep and wakefulness as experienced by those with narcolepsy.”  Laura is currently raising funds to for the planning and execution of a gallery-like ART EXHIBITION  that will take place at the National Narcolepsy Conference in Atlanta this October. We think this is an amazing idea and cause to support and Laura is here in Ohio, even cooler!!

The deadline for donations is a week from today on September 10, 2013 (11:59pm PT). So head over now to support her!

Your donation gets you:

$5 An N[ART] postcard signed by the organization’s founder

$10 The Postcard PLUS an N[ART] sticker

$25 All of the above PLUS an N[ART] coffee mug

$50 All of the above PLUS an N[ART] t-shirt (sizes S-3X @

$100+ All of the above PLUS a copy of the artist book, Narcolepsy: Through Image & Text

$500 At the amazing $500 level, you will receive all of the above PLUS a personal invitation to be our guest at the art show in Atlanta, Georgia this October 18-20

But mostly importantly you are support a great cause for a condition that isn’t well understood. N[ART] will shed light on a very misunderstood condition and it gives a creative outlet for those with narcolepsy.

More information about N[ART]: narcolepsy art is available at  and 

Donate at: