Help Out The Narcolepsy: Not Alone Campaign!

Even our cat Rowan wanted in on Julie Flygare’s Narcolepsy: Not Alone Campaign!


Narcolepsy is a neurological autoimmune sleep disorder in which the brain loses the ability to maintain normal sleep and wake states. It affects 1 in every 2,000 Americans (200,000-250,000 Americans).

It is an awareness campaign “to prove that narcolepsy is REAL and that we are NOT ALONE. People with narcolepsy AND supporters are invited to submit photos for the GALLERY & MAP.” You can learn more at

And get your submission in by September 1st!  *IF* she can reach 500 photos by her deadline, she will giveaway FREE e-books for ALL of Wide Awake and Dreaming for an entire weekend. Submissions can be of people, pets, collages, cartoons, etc! She’s get close and needs your help! Even if you are not a narcoleptic but have a loved one who is get your picture in!


One thought on “Help Out The Narcolepsy: Not Alone Campaign!

  1. I have Non-Rem narcolepsy..I went Gluten-free diet and no more sleep attacks….I got my life back!….hope this helps!

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