The Fog Is Lifting

Things seem to be getting better after having my medication increased. I don’t feel like I am zoning out as often. I still feel like I am having trouble paying attention, staying focused, and am having difficulty remembering things. However, even when taking stimulant medication I have heard that people with narcolepsy still have trouble with those sorts of things and have lower cognitive functioning than people without narcolepsy, which kind of sucks. I am happy to say that I am functioning a lot better than I was several months ago which is a very good thing. Hopefully after having my Vyvanse increased a few more times will have me functioning at an even better level. I often feel like I am a slower thinker than other people around me, and my brain seems like it is a lot slower than it was even a few years ago. Fortunately, I have been feeling a little more like myself lately. Things finally seem to be getting better since I was diagnosed with narcolepsy last year. For awhile it seemed like things kept getting more difficult, I still have some brain fog from time to time but it is less severe than it was a few months ago. Writing about my struggles also seems to have helped me substantially. My wife has also been a great supporter and has helped me get through some tough times, and I am eternally grateful for that.


Things Are Getting Better

It’s the ninja’s wife. Things have been so much better between us. The Vyvanse┬áhe is on is really helping him, he is like a new man in many ways.┬áMay 5 was our sixth wedding anniversary and we had a great time being together, we went out of town for the night and also went to a concert on another night. I got to see just how well his medication is helping him, he forgot to take it (for the first time too) on the morning of the day before our anniversary and he kept falling asleep the whole day and was zoning out more than he had in a long time. We didn’t realize until the next morning when we returned home from out of town that he had forgotten to take it. It makes me happy to share that our relationship is the strongest it has been in a long time.

The ninja is still struggling with the motivation to do things like write on this blog and his popular humor blog The Dingleberry. He used to blog on that blog several times a week and now it’s down to once a week if we’re lucky. This blog, he said he also wants to get into more. So I’m hoping that he soon finds the energy to carry that out. He has his next follow up appointment at the beginning of June, I will be curious to see if they up the dosage again or leave him where he is since he is doing much better.