Amphetamines and Zoning Out

On Monday I went to my neurologist to get my Vyvanse increased again. I am now taking 40mg a day. I asked her if I could be prescribed an extra dose because it seems to wear off after about 4-6 hours so I thought it would be helpful to take an extra dose in the afternoon. She told me that insurance won’t pay for amphetamine medications that are prescribed for more than once a day. She said that the higher the dosage I am on the longer it should stay in my system. Unfortunately I can only get it increased by 10mg at a time so it could be months before I am on the right dosage. My doctor also had me get some blood work done to check my levels, I am not 100% sure why I had to get it done but it has something to do with long term reactions to medications and because I have memory issues.

The worst part about taking amphetamine medications is all the hoops you have to jump through to be allowed to take them. First I had to have a neuropsych evaluation, then I have to go to the doctors every month to pick up a physical prescription because it can’t be faxed or called in because it is a controlled substance which is a little inconvenient. Plus I also heard that they have to make you take blood tests occasionally so that they can make sure it is in your system and you aren’t selling it. It is a possibility that it is part of the reason I had to get this passed blood test.

There is one symptom that I have that my doctor always asks me about, I’m not sure how common it is but she always seems to be concerned about it: zoning out. I rarely fall asleep during the day but I do have episodes of staring off into space for prolonged periods of time without realizing that I’m doing it. Sometimes I will even smile and appear to be having a conversation with someone during these episodes, I am never quite sure how long they last or when I am doing them, but it’s something my neurologist always asks me about. I’m not sure if I’m falling asleep with my eyes open or what’s going on but I am completely detached from what’s going on around me when that happens. I haven’t gotten any real answers on why that’s happening or how to make it stop.

I also feel like my ability to process thoughts and feelings has gotten much slower and more difficult. I used to be a quick thinker and very creative but have a harder time coming up with things. I used to be full of ideas and enjoyed writing but now it takes me forever to come up with ideas and I can’t think of things to write about half the time, which is the main reason I don’t update this blog nearly as often as I would like to although I have plenty of material to write about. I hope to get on the ball and start updating more often.